ReachAcross has been sending people from the UK and all over the world for 70 years, to go to the nations and to Help Muslims Follow Jesus.



There are 3.1 billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus, thousands of schools and hundreds of universities without witness to Jesus, hundreds of children without a family, and countless lost communities and workplaces.

The response?

Lord, revive our nation again.

Through THE SEND, ReachAcross is offering several exciting opportunities for UK students to grow with Jesus as students serve among Muslims to share the Gospel. See the world, learn about new cultures and grow in your faith as you experience, first hand, God working in you and through you. Join us for any of the following opportunities:



Dates for 2024: 15th to 22nd July
Dates for 2025: 14th to 21st July

This is an 8-day mission in the culturally diverse city of Birmingham – the UK’s second largest city.  This gives participants a cross-cultural experience including an introduction to Islamic culture, belief and practice, while also providing opportunities to serve with local churches’ initiatives seeking to proclaim the gospel and share the love of Christ with local Muslims from various backgrounds.

This mission is a great way of gaining experience in cross-cultural mission among Muslims.  No previous knowledge or experience is required.  However, all participants must have a desire to share their Christian faith with Muslims.  Participants must be aged 18 years +.  We are looking to put together a team of around 10-12 people.

Duration: 8 days 

Cost: £475. Participants must pay their own transportation to and from Birmingham, and within the city during the outreach. Contact us for more details.


Albania 2024 – 19th to 28th September

This is a 10-day mission and vision trip in the intriguing country of Albania. Bordering the Mediterranean sea, this beautiful, mountainous country has a rich history, and in the more recent past, has only been open to the practice of religion since the fall of its communist regime in 1992.  Since then, many evangelical churches have been planted.  However, around 70% of the population are Muslim.  This mission trip aims to give participants a vision for mission among Muslims in Albania and the wider region, through visiting churches, serving alongside their outreach programmes, and sharing the gospel among local Muslims.

This is an opportunity to gain experience in cross-cultural mission in a unique context which might be described as ‘secular’ as much as it is Muslim.  No previous knowledge or experience is required.  However, all participants must have a desire to share their Christian faith with Muslims.  Participants must be aged 18 years +.  We are looking to put together a team of around 10 people.

Duration: 10 days 

Cost: Approximately £750. Participants must also pay their own transportation to and from Albania, and their own travel insurance. Contact us for more details.


Egypt October 2024 to May 2025

Oasis Discipleship Programme is a short-term mission opportunity taking place in Egypt from October 2024 until May 2025.

What is Oasis Discipleship?
A seven-month discipleship programme for those interested in cross-cultural mission. It is time out in the desert for Bible study and growing deep roots of faith while learning to live in a cross-cultural context, equipping you for a lifetime of fruitful relationships and ministry.

Where ?
In Egypt. The sky and sea are blue, and the coral reef is full of colourful fish. The weather is mild in the winter and hot in summer.

What will I do?
You will learn basic Arabic and develop cross-cultural skills by engaging with local communities and building new relationships. You will learn to be light, salt and a witness for Christ in every situation. You will spend time reading, interpreting and applying Scripture with others and participate in weekly worship, prayer and intercession. As part of your discipleship, you will reflect on what the Lord is teaching you through regular journalling, conversation and debriefing. Not to mention you will enjoy the beaches, sea, mountains, restaurants, cafes and some of the many activities the location has to offer.

What is the Culture Like?
The people here are a mix of local Bedouin, Egyptians, tourists and global nomads. Coptic families from upper Egypt come for work and a mixture of Arabic and English are spoken. Islam is the primary religion, yet many of the visitors have New Age philosophies and practices. Snorkelling, diving, kite surfing, creative arts, and hanging out in seaside cafes are regular pastimes for Egyptian and foreign tourists.

Who is Oasis Discipleship for?
Do you desire to know the Lord and play your unique part in seeing His kingdom come in this generation? Do you want to love, honour and serve others; grow in personal character, resilience and responsibility? Do you want to learn to appreciate and interact within foreign cultures whilst contributing to fellowship and community? Do you want to feed yourself and others from the Word of God, be led by the Holy Spirit and live a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally and economically? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ Oasis Discipleship Programme could be for you!

What is Required?
Basic life skills such as the ability to shop, cook, clean, stay well, and relate well with others. A humble, teachable spirit that is willing and able to learn.

How much does it cost?
The cost will be from £6,000 to £12,000, depending on standard of living during the placement and inclusion or otherwise of recreational activities. These figures include your living expenses, flights and travel insurance, pre-field training and post-field debrief as well as a contribution to ReachAcross administration. As an organisation, we have experienced countless stories of God’s miraculous provision for our missionaries. Please get in touch if you need ideas or support for fundraising. Contact us for more information.



Flexible placements to start at any time for any duration. (Generally 6 months to 2 years).

Our faith-based, cross-cultural community development team is seeking to build bridges, trust, and dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

Our team will support and guide you as you seek local ministry and projects to get involved with in partnership with local churches. Opportunities can range from English and literacy teaching, door-to-door evangelism, children’s work, football coaching, holiday clubs and more. We would then meet with you regularly to debrief and set growth goals.

One of our chief goals would be for a clear vision for God’s long-term plan for your life in ministry along with meaningful ministry while you serve with us.

£400 p/mth single (Self-catering)

Field levy – £30 (per month to cover hospitality, community meals etc).



Bespoke Placements

You can join in with our established teams who serve in places like The Middle East and North Africa (closed or creative access so no country names at this point).  We serve in creative ways so people can use their gifts and skills as a bridge to share the gospel among the unreached.  E.g. English teaching, Business as Mission, Sports, Health and fitness, agriculture, and more.

Most places would need to start with a language acquisition element.

Generally 6 months to 2+ years, but flexible especially if it is exploring long term options for service.



Interested in serving elsewhere? Click here for more opportunities.