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ReachAcross Ministry Assist Programme

The ReachAcross Ministry Assist Programme (MAP) is designed to highlight needs within both Muslim and Christian communities with regards to the respectful exchange of cultural and religious ideas and points of view.

(MAP) is an extensive cross-cultural experience that seeks to introduce participants to Islamic culture, belief and practice in the UK, while giving opportunity for participants to meet and get to know Muslims in the UK context. With a steadily growing Muslim population and a large sector of the society claiming Asian roots, the city of Birmingham is fast becoming a hub of Islamic learning and culture.

It is our hope that participants will be able to actively observe projects that promote cross-cultural engagement within the different faith communities. This will allow them to converse with Muslims and Christian leaders, discussing and finding creative ways to share faith while building bridges of friendship and mutual respect in a safe, non-threatening environment that challenges them in their own spiritual life and belief system.

The programme is designed for all adults wishing to observe and experience Islamic culture and beliefs, and to build relational bridges with Muslims in the community. Bible colleges and other Christian institutions from across the world have used ReachAcross programmes to introduce people to the ever changing nature of inter-faith relations and cross-cultural community development. The city of Birmingham in the UK is an ideal place to get a taste of what cross-cultural ministry is all about.

The length of the MAP is entirely dependent on the individual but is a maximum of six months. However we do suggest a minimum of one month in order to make the experience worthwhile. If you are coming to the UK for up to six months on a visit visa, you can take part in our MAP, as the programme is observational and relational (meeting people in the UK cultural context), and is not work, an internship nor volunteering. Note, however, that a person on a visit visa may do up to 30 days of incidental volunteering if and where such opportunities arise; ReachAcross would advise you if, when and where this might be possible within the programme.

It is essential that all participants have sufficient funds for the entire duration of their stay in the UK and costs associated with the MAP, for example, local travel costs and accommodation costs in Birmingham. Participants are also asked to consider a donation to ReachAcross to help meet the costs required to run the MAP. ReachAcross will provide details of such costs upon application to the MAP. Prior to and during the participant’s visit to the UK, ReachAcross can receive donations from participants’ churches and other sponsors to ensure that all the participant’s travel, maintenance and accommodation costs are met while on our Ministry Assist Programme.


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