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Unreached Muslim People Groups





















Unreached Muslim People Groups

  • ReachAcross seeks to work among all unreached Muslim people groups whether they are in the 10-40 window or living in the traditional missionary sending countries
  • ReachAcross has considerable experience with the following unreached Muslim people groups:



  • Live in the Afar Triangle, which includes parts of Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethopia. It is one of the hottest and most inhospitable areas of the world
  • They are semi-nomadic and number about two million. More...



  • Live all across North Africa, throughout the Middle East, and in Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam
  • There are many unreached people groups among the Arabs
  • Arabs number about 300 million and are among the most unreached of Muslim peoples. More...



  • Live in the border regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran
  • Their ancestral homeland is Syria
  • They are often marginalized. More...



  • A semi-nomadic people living along the Red Sea coast. Their homeland stretches from southern Egypt, all along the Red Sea coast of Sudan, and into Eritrea
  • They have lived in this region for over 4000 years
  • They speak the largest unwritten language in Africa. More...



  • Live in many countries in western Africa
  • They were key agents in spreading Islam across Africa during their migrations
  • Their literacy rate is very low. More...



  • Live primarily in southern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan
  • To be a Pathan is to be a MuslimMore...



  • They are concentrated in Somalia but also live in Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia
  • There is a growing diaspora of Somalis around the world
  • Somali continues to be one of the most challenging places to minister and serve. More...



  • Also called the 'Seracole' live in numerous countries in West Africa 
  • They have some of the most influential Islamic scholars in West Africa
  • Bible translation work is a major task, as is literacy. More...


Other Unreached Muslims

  • Muslims have the largest number of unreached people groups in the world
  • All these unreached Muslim groups have the right to hear the Gospel and experience a living demonstration of it


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