January 2016 - Reaching

In East Africa God is moving in amazing ways among the 'S' people: A bimonthly meeting has begun where a few men come to share a meal and study the Bible with a team member. Meanwhile, five to six 'S' women have spontaneously started to meet to study and worship together – and have a strong desire to teach their children. A teenager has recently become bold in sharing his faith, and has led a friend to Christ. ReachAcross has been working among these people for decades, and praise God for these recent developments among staunchly traditional Islamic people.

March 2015 - 'Church Under Pressure' with Canon Andrew White and Steve Bell

Next month we are very much looking forward to a day with Canon Andrew White (vicar of St George's Baghdad) and Steve Bell (National Director, Interserve) at the next Worldchangers event. This free event will be held on 18th April at Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading. Refreshments will be available from 10am and the event finishes at 4:30pm - you can either bring your own lunch or buy locally. This event is unmissable for any who have an interest in what is playing out in the world today regarding Islam and its effect on the Church. For more information please see the  worldchangers website or to book your place please click global connections events.


January 2015 - Opportunity for Serving in West Africa

ReachAcross has an immediate opening for a young/energetic female Nanny (18+), preferably someone able to home-school young children the eldest of which is nine years old.  A bursary is available to cover airfares, travel insurance, accommodation and food.  The position is short term (one year).  This is a position with a partner organisation in West Africa and a partner church in the UK  The successful applicant will have a heart to live and serve in a West African setting, work closely with African nationals, and should be willing not only to look after the children of missionaries, but be involved in various aspects of mission work in a predominantly Muslim culture.  Some basic French and a willingness to learn some basics of the Fulani language would be an advantage.  Living conditions are basic.    

Salary: Support from Church/Friends/Family. To apply, contact us at info.uk@reachacross.net.


October2014 - Pioneering on the South Coast

In one lively English town there is a sizeable Muslim population of approximately 10,000 people – almost double what it was ten years ago. With scarcely any local churches building bridges into these Muslim communities this is a harvest field in desperate need of committed workers. After visiting this town earlier this year Saira was challenged by God to leave friends and family behind and come here as a full-time mission worker, resulting in her moving to the area in the summer. Since then Saira has connected with a large Kurdish group, begun to teach English, started work with an Arabic church and is constantly devoting herself to befriending and getting involved in a variety of other projects. If you would like to partner with Saira through prayer or finance we would love to hear from you, so please contact us at info.uk@reachacross.net.    


August 2014 - Festivals and Conference News

Having returned from New Wine and GOfest we have been encouraged by those we met at the ReachAcross stand. It is interesting to see, over the years, how we are getting more questions about how we can help people engage with Muslims in the UK. If you similarly would like to know more about understanding and reaching Muslims where you live and work then do consider joining us at our Annual Conference for what we anticipate will be a dynamic and inspirational day. The conference will be held on 13 September in Birmingham. To request a brochure, book in, or for any other queries regarding the conference please email reach14bookings@generalmail.net


May 2014 - Reasons to be Cheerful

We continue to rejoice at seeing increasing evidence that the hard ground of Muslim mission is transforming into fields ripe for harvest. In West Africa, sales of Bible tracts and Scripture portion audio recordings are going really well – people are eager to read and listen to the Word in their own language, made possible through our translation and literacy programmes. In East Africa God is revealing Himself to the Afar people group as never before in over 50 years of mission. In South Asia staunch Muslims are willing to engage in conversations about the authority of the Bible, and even discuss their own uncertainty regarding forgiveness of sins. In the Middle East one worker describes a local contact as having ‘a beautiful grasp of the truth’ as they explore and read the Bible together.

February 2014 - New Ways to Reach Muslims

2014 is seeing some new ventures starting up. In the West Midlands ReachAcross is running some courses that we hope will equip Christians to befriend and share the gospel with Muslims in their community. This year we are also launching 'REACH' our Internship Programme which will offer six-week trips to locations in Canada, the UK (tying in with the existing ENGAGE internship/placement programme), Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our fervent prayer is that these programmes will facilitate people’s journey into long-term ministry among Muslims.

December 2013 - Reaching Muslims in the UK this Christmas

For all of us living in the UK, Christmas provides rich opportunities to share about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though Christmas is not a Muslim holiday, many British Muslims will join in the festivities while shunning the more commercial aspects. The Muslim view of the birth of Jesus as told in the Qur’an differs greatly from what the Bible tells us, but is still seen as a miraculous event. It does not have a big significance though as, for Muslims, Jesus is a revered prophet but not the Son of God. So this year let’s make the most of every opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with our Muslim neighbours and friends.


October 2013 - Projects update

A number of projects have been initiated this summer: training church planters in South Asia and East Africa, providing literacy to children and young adults in Northeast Africa and improving training facilities for evangelists/disciplers working among Muslims in the UK.

(see http://uk.reachacross.net/Projects or contact our office for further details). Please pray for the funding of these projects and that the personnel involved will receive the Lord’s wisdom and enabling and find favour with the local people and authorities. All these projects are with a view to seeing Muslims become committed followers of Christ and to establish His church among them.

July 2013 - New long term mission workers

We are excited that several new long term mission workers will be joining our teams around the world this year. These include couples and singles from the UK, Europe and North America.  Some came short term but have enjoyed their service so much that they have extended to longer term commitment.  There are still many opportunities for long term and short term service, and our language schools are crying out for more short term English teachers (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  The commitment needs to be at least three months - could this be you?  Contact us for more information!


June 2013 - Progress in Soninke Bible Translation

Despite being displaced from their original country, the checking of the book of Joshua has been completed as both the local co-workers and co-workers workers from a Bible translation agency have been able to travel between countries safely and meet up with our own translation worker. The audio recordings of Matthew and Acts in the western dialect were completed too. This will be the first New Testament audio Scripture portions ever recorded and made available to non-literate western dialect Soninke speakers.  

April 2013 - Pray for the Horn

Some of the poorest countries in the world, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia form the 'Horn of Africa' and are home to approximately100 million people. Civil war, corruption, desert and drought play their part in shaping the lives of these people. The Muslim-majority areas of this region are dangerous places to be a Christian, and yet there is evidence that God is moving among these people groups - stories of spontaneous fellowships forming, and a real hunger to hear and a passion to share. Pray for the Horn is an online resource and prayer room to help you focus on these people. Try their 75 ways to pray which gives plenty of creative ideas to get you started and in the habit.


March 2013 - Report from India

India has has 160 million Muslims and are the least evangelised on earth, despite being in some of the most populous and accessible locations. Functional literacy is around 30% and around 40% live below the poverty line with malnutrition, inadequate sanitation, and lack of clean water supply. Despite urbanisation, India remains a rural nation and it is in the villages that most of the poor live. A small team from ReachAcross will spend most of this month training 16 local evangelists, most of whom are from Muslim backgrounds to form strategies to initiate, sustain and reproduce multiple fellowships. Pray for the Lord to bring workers to this vital ministry, to fill new believers with the Holy Spirit enabling them to share boldly among their friends and neighbours, and for whole families to be saved.


January 2013 - Annual Supporters' Conference

Time is running out to book for the ReachAcross Annual Supporters' Conference to be held in a well equipped and comfortable conference centre about one hour travel from London and Birmingham.  The dates are 15 to 17 March 2013.  The weekend conference will give delegates an opportunity to hear latest updates from our various Fields, receive great teaching from a respected International speaker and mission leader, pray for Muslims and mission work among Muslims, fellowship with other supporters, and have fun!   Please contact us for a booking form!

December 2012 - Resources Expanded

Have you ever visited our Resources section?  This month a new website has been added: openbookministries.org has been developed mainly for reaching Urdu-speakers with the gospel and resourcing them with Christian teaching on various subjects, from marriage to morality and from paradise to prayer.  The site offers tracts in downloadable pdf format.


November 2012 - UK team

In the closing months of 2012 ReachAcross has been preparing for expansion of its work among Muslims in the UK.  Our team in the Midlands has several new members and is working closely with others from mission agencies with a similar concern for Muslims living in the UK.  We are currently refurbishing accommodation for interns who will join us in various evangelistic activities in 2013 - could that include you?  We are looking for individuals and groups which would benefit from training and experience in reaching Muslims with the Gospel.


October 2012 - Soninke Day of Prayer and Fasting

Each year, those who work among the Soninke set aside the first Sunday in October to pray and fast for this people group. There are approximately 2 million Soninke around the world. Their native homelands though are just south of the Sahara Desert. The Soninke are hardworking, hospitable people who survive by farming their parched lands and keeping livestock. The majority are illiterate, so their culture is mostly an oral one. Pray for the hearts of the Soninke to be open to the gospel. Pray for more workers to live and work among these people.

September 2012 - Back to the Field

For many workers, the summer break has finished and it is time to go back to their respective Fields. For some new members, this will be the very beginning of their long-term service. Two families from the UK have now finished their French language acquisition and will be heading out to East and West Africa. Another person has just left England to start his two-year short-term contract teaching at a school in South Asia. In the UK one family has settled into the West Midlands to begin their ministry among Muslims. Pray for all these mission workers whose ministries are so different, but whose common vision is to see Muslims come to Christ.


August 2012 -  ReachAcross UK Supporters' Conference

ReachAcross annual supporters' conference is scheduled for 15th to 17th March 2013 at a great conference centre located half way between London and Birmingham.  Our guest speaker will be Peter Milsom, the Director of UFM Worldwide and CEO of Affinity (formerly the British Evangelical Council).  Peter brings with him almost 40 years' experience in church work and mission involvement.  There will also be updates from all our Fields as well as time for fellowship with other ReachAcross supporters.  If you would like further information please contact us.

July 2012 -  Summer Furlough

Following the International Conference held in Europe in late June many of our mission workers took the opportunity to take a summer break with family and friends, particularly as our Fields are extremely hot over the summer months.  Our mission workers will be returning to their respective ministry locations from late August onwards.  Please pray for good rest and refreshment and for safe travels back to Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

June 2012 -  ReachAcross International Conference

This month supporters, overseas staff and many others involved in Reachacross are meeting in Europe to learn together and grow in our knowledge and understanding about the theory and practice of reaching out to Muslims with the gospel. Practitioners from across the world will be sharing their experiences in their respective cultural situations. Please pray that this will be a time of refreshment, good fellowship, and encouragement for all involved.

May 2012 -  Sahel Famine Relief - How our supporters have made a difference

In December last year ReachAcross alerted its supporters of the famine which was becoming more and more evident in the Sahel region of West Africa. We are enormously grateful to all those who generously gave towards our relief effort. Approximately €45,000 has been received so far and has been used to purchase 1,160 tonnes of food. This was distributed to those in most need by our local mission staff, their co-workers, and church contacts in the region. Distribution has often been an emotional event, as many people cried with relief and gratitude when they received their sack of corn.  

April 2012 -  Enouraging Breakthroughs

We have recently been encouraged by many stories we are hearing of our mission workers making some real breakthroughs in their relationships with local Muslim friends. In the Middle East one of our team reports that a neighbouring Muslim family is beginning to read the Bible together. Other local friends have also been taking and reading the Bible, and are asking significant questions in conversation with our team. Meanwhile, in West Africa one of our missionaries also writes of a very positive response to a recent evangelistic meeting.

March 2012 -  Soninke

Near the end of February the Soninke Festival held in West Africa was a great encouragement to our ReachAcross mission workers when they experienced a huge demand for their gospel literature and audio materials. Even afterwards, the demand for these resources has remained high and our daily book stall has seen an increased number of customers ever since. The Soninke people number two million. However, it is thought that there are only around 100 believers among them so please do keep praying for the spread of the gospel among them.

February 2012 -  Projects

It has been exciting this month to see many projects being implemented in the various ReachAcross Field locations. There are a number of projects - some which have stood for many years, while others are just being launched. Exciting new projects include a new initiative to share the Gospel with Muslims in a large port city in a country in western Europe, and an ambitious agricultural project in the Middle East. Some projects are direct evangelism - for example, producing literature and mp3 Scripture recordings and running Bible correspondence courses, all in local languages. Others are in the realm of training and development, but always with a view to share our Christian faith with those with whom we are involved. Why not sponsor a project directly by contacting us?    


January 2012 -  Sharing our Faith

Christmas is a time of the year when it is very natural for our Muslim friends to be curious about the reason Christians celebrate this season.  In our Field locations our workers took every opportunity to share the Christmas story of Christ's birth in Bethlehem.  This ranged from simply sharing these things over a meal with neighbours, answering questions from students in an English language class, right through to putting on a nativity play in a church that we had previously planted.  Many Muslims who had never before attended a Christian church gathering came along and heard the gospel for the first time.  Please do pray for these men and women - that the seeds planted would bear much fruit. 

December 2011 -  Famine in the Sahel, West Africa

Mission workers in the western area of the Sahel are alerting us of a famine in the region – the crops failed really badly this year.  Already personnel are being approached for help on a personal basis.  Meanwhile the different mission agencies in the area are organising a coordinated approach, ensuring food relief is distributed fairly and where needed using their unique local knowledge and contacts.  Could you pray for this situation?  If you would like to donate towards famine relief please send UK cheques to ReachAcross, PO Box 304, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 9EL or contact us through our website: Contact us.  Alternatively donate online selecting 'Apply my gift to: Special' and quoting 'Sahel Famine' in the additional Comments box.


November 2011 -  Hajj

Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam is the religious obligation of every Muslim to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his or her lifetime. This year, the timing for Hajj (set according to the lunar-based Islamic calendar) is 4-9 November. Approximately two million Muslims from all over the world will converge on Mecca as they travel to the birthplace of their religion. From the UK roughly 25,000 are expected to make the journey. Muslims believe that by making this pilgrimage their sins will be forgiven. More information about Hajj and how Christians can pray for this season is available as a pdf here.


October 2011 -  Soninke Day of Prayer

Each year the mission workers among the Soninke set aside the first Sunday in October as a day of Prayer and Fasting, this year this falls on the 2nd. Although there are approximately 1.5 million Soninke people, there is thought to be only 100 believers among them. ReachAcross is engaged in literacy, audio Scripture portion distribution, Bible translation and discipleship. The Soninke do not have the entire Bible yet, though work is continuing to this end. Firmly under Islam’s powerful grip for nearly a thousand years, the Soninke are slow in responding to the gospel, fruit can take many years to form. However, the interest in Christian Soninke tracts and audio resources has risen recently and these are becoming much sought after.    


September 2011 -  Conference Update

The ReachAcross Annual Conference is being held on 14-16 October in Hertfordshire and has the theme "Understanding Islam and Loving Muslims". This is an excellent opportunity for fellowship and encouragement and a unique way to catch up with what is happening across the Fields. Please consider joining us if you have a heart for mission among Muslims or would simply like to know more about Islam and reaching Muslims. Please contact the office for further details and a booking form.


August 2011 -  Up Close and Personal - Medical Mission in Rural South Asia

"I thought I would just let you know how we are doing, and how our last few days in South Asia went. We had a fantastic time at the hospital: it couldn't have been better for me on the medical front and it was great to see medical mission in practice. It was a real privilege to be able to pray with patients and read the Bible with others - despite the language barrier. Everyone was very friendly and made us feel part of the team...we would love to go back some time..." So wrote a medical student on his return from a short term assignment. When are you planning to start your life-changing experience?


July 2011 -  Out and About

ReachAcross are exhibiting at several events over the summer, please come and say hello as we are always encouraged by a friendly visitor to our stand! 16-22 July we will be at the Earthworks mission zone of the Keswick Convention (week 1 only). Then on 8-13 August we will be at the Aberystwyth Conference, and during 5-9 September We will be at the UCCF Forum event at the Quinta, Oswestry. 


June 2011 -  Providing Water in the Hottest Country on Earth

In one East African country, only 170mm of rain falls annually making it a real challenge to grow or obtain crops or vegetables. One ReachAcross project is providing a solution in the form of irrigation pumps. The pedal pumps and hand pumps are enabling Africans to grow vegetables for themselves and for selling at local markets. The ripple of benefit is widened still further as the more crops are made available at the market, the lower the prices will become, meaning that the poorest of the poor can afford more. Pray for the practical sustainability of this project that relies on mechanical parts to keep working, for the training in use and repair to be sufficient, and for reliable supplies of spare parts. 


May 2011 - Reaching Urdu Muslims

The website openbookministries.org has gone live, after many weeks of intensive work by a ReachAcross worker in South Asia. This same worker has spent the preceding months producing a series of engaging evangelistic booklets, written in both English and Urdu, that address common concerns that Muslims have, such as how one can be assured of going to heaven, or the truth surrounding Jesus' death, etc. The website now makes these available for downloading or ordering. Pray that God will use these booklets to set many Muslims onto the path to true freedom. 


April 2011 - Message for Muslims

Understanding the basics of Islam is important for building relationships and engaging in intelligent conversations. A ReachAcross worker in the Midlands has been involved with the informative website message4muslims.org.uk and is encouraged by the number of hits the site receives. This online resource is great for Christians who want to get to grips with what Muslims believe and how they view some aspects of the Christian faith. Pray that this website will be increasingly used as a tool to understand, communicate and reach Muslims with the true message of Christ's redemptive love.


March 2011 - Picture Power 

Pictures are ideal for getting the gospel message across in an interesting and engaging way, especially in places where literacy levels are very low. In East Africa an exciting project has just reached completion, and has seen 26 different Bible picture booklets printed and delivered, ready for distribution. Pray for wisdom as these are given out. Pray that those who receive these will find much they want to explore further.  


February 2011 - The Privilege of Passing On the Baton

One of our ReachAcross projects in East Africa has been successfully handed over to Christian nationals to run: Until now the project had been run by ReachAcross workers. What a joy to witness how the Lord has been working in the hearts of the locals! Pray for these men as they take on the dual responsibilites of running a business and being Christ's witnesses to their community.       


January 2011 - Destination: West Africa via France...

New Year's Day was truly the start of a new life for one young couple from Surrey as they woke up in France for the first time at the beginning of their preparation for long term service in West Africa. They will spend a year in France learning French, and starting outreach among local Muslims. Next year, they will be a part of the team in West Africa. Please pray for these two as they study, start making contacts and seek His will for their future ministry.


December 2010 - The Non-written Word

MP3 players provide an excellent way to give out portions of scripture, and are ideal for those who cannot read, or for people who do not have the Bible in their own language yet. In West Africa these discreet gadgets have been given out loaded with Bible passages recorded in the Soninke language. Pray for these recipients as they hear the Word in their own language, and pray that these little pieces of technology keep on working.


November 2010 - The ReachAcross Annual Conference

A Christian Conference Centre in the East Midlands was the very comfortable venue for the ReachAcross Annual Conference. This was a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with others who have a heart for Christian work among Muslims in the UK and overseas. We were blessed with some fantastic teaching and insight into the Muslim mind, courtesy of our main speaker, a BMB who is now actively engaged in witness and evangelism to Muslims. Updates were given of all our fields covering many of the current projects and all of our personnel. It was not all hard work and no play however, and with good food, and friends both new and familiar, the weekend was enjoyed by all!


October 2010 - Helping Flood Victims

The devastating floods that have covered parts of South Asia have provided two of our workers with a change from their routine ministry. This pair have been involved directly with frontline care - buying and overseeing the distribution of essential supplies, as well as helping run a medical camp for the sick. Some time each week is also spent trying to locate flood-affected villages that are off the beaten track, where little or no assistance has been received. While addressing the physical and emotional needs of these suffering people, there have also been opportunities to address spiritual needs: over the weeks there have been many answers to prayer, as well as New Testaments and booklets distributed. Pray that these two workers will continue to make a real difference in every way, to those they serve.


September 2010 - UK-based Vision Trips

ReachAcross is now starting a programme of Vision Trips and short term internships in the UK. These will be based in Birmingham and will be suitable for individuals and small groups alike. Trips can last anything from a week up to two years. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in sharing the Gospel with Muslims, and further your understanding of their culture and religion. All courses will be led by our friendly and experienced  staff and will include training coupled with practical evangelism and service in the surrounding Muslim communities.


August 2010 - Ramadan

Ramadan this year begins 11 August and will finish 9 September. During this time of religious zeal there will be many disruptions to the daily routine as business and social planning is re-worked to accommodate the fast. Pray that this will be a time of meaningful conversations, as religion comes to the forefront of people's lives. 


July 2010 - Water Pedal Pump Project

In East Africa, water is a major issue and concern for many. In one region, considered one of the hottest places on earth, there is a pedal pump project that has already distributed and successfully installed 14 pumps, with more on the way. As well as providing vital irrigation for crops, the project is a great way of meeting and building relationships with locals and businessmen. Pray that the pumps will continue to bless their recipients and that the project will grow and help more people.     


June 2010 - Disabled children project in the Red Sea Region

Some of our members working in an arid mountainous region near the Red Sea have been greatly encouraged that we now have a large team of local social workers being trained to help identify and meet the needs of the disabled in the city.  Caring for the disabled is a wonderful way of expessing God's love and compassion for the local people.  Pray that the disabled, as well as the local trainees, will all experience and begin to understand God's great love for us as individuals, not only caring for our physical needs, but also wanting to give us new life in Christ.


May 2010 - Work among African students

We praise the Lord for a time of outreach in a town in the western Sahel where around 600 students heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.  This was followed up by a Bible study class for around 60 Christian students, with time for discussion and counselling.  The church planted by ReachAcross in this town would like more events like this so please pray for the resources to be able to do so.  


April 2010 - Christian Book Shops

One of our members has been involved in setting up several Christian bookshops in south Asia.  The latest shop opened this month.  All the book shops are staffed by local Christians.  Please continue to remember in prayer the local Christian man who leads this ministry and the other workers involved as they seek to be 'contact points' in the various bookshops around the country.  As a result of such evangelistic efforts one group of Muslim-background believers who meet regularly for fellowship and discipleship has doubled in size in the last year.  It is difficult for such believers to meet together openly or to express their new faith publicly.  Please also remember them in prayer. 


March 2010 - Bible Translation

This month saw the final checking of 1 Samuel completed in the project to translate and publish the Bible in the Soninke language of West Africa.  With over three million Soninke people in the region it is imperative that they have the Bible in their own language if the church is to grow in the region.  It is reported that there are only 40 believers among this people group.  Pray for our members who are involved in this, and other Bible translation projects. 


February 2010 - New Believers

It is exciting to hear from ReachAcross members in various locations in the Arabian Peninsula that they are currently meeting with several new believers.  One group of Muslim-background believers who meet regularly for fellowship and discipleship has doubled in size in the last year.  It is difficult for such believers to meet together openly or to express their new faith publicly.  Please remember them in prayer. 


January 2010 - Midwives set off for South Asia

Despite closures of several main airports in the UK due to snow, two English ReachAcross midwives and a doctor friend found a window of opportunity to set out to the foothills of the Himalayas in order to serve in a Christian hospital which reaches out to the local Muslim population by providing much needed medical services.  Set in a beautiful mountain valley, the hospital is staffed mostly by Christians from elsewhere in this predominantly Muslim country.  The locals are all Muslim and are mostly quite poor materially.  However, they are aware that it is Christians caring for them and sometimes take the opportunity to ask about our faith, buy a Christian tract, or ask for prayer.


December 2009 - Family prepares to join our team in the Middle East

For one English ReachAcross family, Christmas was made all the more exciting by the fact that in the middle of all the festivities, they were also trying to dispose of nearly all their belongings prior to taking only a few suit cases to their new home in the Arabian Peninsula.  The husband and wife will both be involved in learning the local language while also teaching at a language school set up to help the local people learn English.  Hundreds of adult students benefit from the school each year.  Teaching is an excellent way of building friendships and can often lead to having opportunities to share one's faith.


November 2009 - Unihockey

In what is considered by many to be the hottest country in the world (by average annual temperatures), our unihockey ministry is thriving!  The local youth have really taken to this sport in recent years and a league has been established.  Two short termers are helping to run the project this year and will hopefully continue until the summer break in 2010.  This ministry is based in the Red Sea Region and is an excellent opportunity for any French-speaking young adults to take on as a gap year activity.


October 2009 - ReachAcross Autumn Conference

Our Annual Autumn Conference was held at a Christian conference centre near London.  This was a fantastic opportunity for fellowship with others who have a heart for Christian work among Muslims in the UK and overseas.  The main guest speaker had over forty years of experience in such work.  He spoke with passion and insight into our relationship to the Lord, to our fellow Christians and to the people among whom we minister.  There were presentations from recently returned short-term ReachAcross personnel who spoke about their evangelistic and medical ministry in the Middle East, the Red Sea Region and South Asia.  All in all a fantastic weekend!