October 2017 - Pray for the Soninke People Group

On the first day of October those who work among the Soninke join together in a day of prayer and fasting for the Soninke people - and invite you to join them. Projects include ongoing Bible translation work - the translation team hope to finish the western dialect version of the four Gospels and Acts by early 2018, a recently-completed greatly improved version of the Jesus Film, and ongoing work recording more scripture portions onto various media. Please pray for these projects and for the relational ministries of workers - for opportunities to share God's love and the Good News and that Christ will establish His church among these people.


April 2017 - Eritrean Refugees

For nearly two years we have been working with Eritrean refugees in camps in a nearby country supporting them with basic needs such as blankets, mattresses, clothes, hygiene products and Bibles, all of which are distributed through the church in the camp. Training is also offered at a Bible school in another region. Christians who have been persecuted and mistreated in their own country apply for visas to attend these courses in order to serve the church back in the camps better, with their costs met by mission supporters in the West. Pray that these dedicated Christians will be used by God to reach many of their fellow refugees.


June 2016 - Ramadan 

Ramadan is a special time in the Islamic calendar when practicing Muslims (around 1.6 billion) will fast during the hours of sunlight. The annual period will see prayer, fasting, and giving to charity become the focus of  everyday life for an entire month. This year Ramadan runs from 6 June - 5 July. Although the details of how each Muslim adheres to the fast will differ, one thing they all have in common is that they are seeking Allah. Please pray with us that many Muslims will actually find Jesus during this time and that Christians will be willing and not fearful of inviting Muslims in their neighbourhood to talk about spiritual matters. For more information and for more prayer points please visit www.30daysprayer.com/

June 2013 - Progress in Soninke Bible Translation

Despite being displaced from their original country, the checking of the book of Joshua has been completed as both the local co-workers and co-workers workers from a Bible translation agency have been able to travel between countries safely and meet up with our own translation worker. The audio recordings of Matthew and Acts in the western dialect were completed too. This will be the first New Testament audio Scripture portions ever recorded and made available to non-literate western dialect Soninke speakers.