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Is Mission For Me?

Yes, mission is for every follower of Jesus: Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:19

Almost any skill, ability, and occupation can be part of mission


What does God want me to do?
Where should I go?
What should I do?
What preparation do I need?


What does God want me to do?

God guides people in many ways

  • By making them aware of needy people and places

  • Through a verse or passage in the Bible

  • Through personal circumstances

  • By giving them a ‘tug in their heart’ about a situation

Is there a situation, in your country or another place, that makes you say,

It’s not supposed to be like that!” And, you would liketo do something about it?


What can you do to find God’s plan for you?

  • Pray and ask for God to guide you
  • Learn about areas of need

Go to mission conferences

Ask your pastor/church leader

Contact mission agencies

Search the web

Attend a missionary training institute


  •  Talk to people about your desire to serve God in mission…

Friends, parents, pastors/church leaders, business people, professionals

experienced cross-cultural workers, mission professors/trainers

Do not expect everyone to give you the same answer or advice.


  • Ask God to use you in mission where you are now

God usually does not make the whole path clear at one time, but He will guide you one step at a time


Would you like to talk to someone?

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Where should I go?

Today mission is from ‘everywhere to everywhere’

  • Previous ‘sending countries’ have now become mission fields

  • Immigration has brought unreached peoples to ‘our doors’
  • However, there still is a great need

In the 10/40 window

Particularly among unreached Muslim people groups    


Not sure of where to serve? At home or abroad?

  1. Make a list of situations that captivate your thoughts and emotions
  2. Research…

People, who…

Have not heard the Gospel

Have no one to disciple and teach them

Do not have God’s Word in their language

Cannot fellowship with other believers


Social problems and injustices…

Poverty, homelessness

Exploitation, people not having a voice




Under-development, lack of…

Food, clean drinking water, sanitation



Adequate health care


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What should I do?

Do something that…

  • Helps you engage with people in a meaningful way
  • Matches your personality, skills, abilities, and interests


What can you do?

  • List your giftings, qualifications, experience
  • This is helpful because God usually asks people to work in the areas of their gifting and training


What do you enjoy doing? Find interesting?

  • This is important because mission work can be very demanding and tedious
  • Enjoying what you do will help you…

Last longer

Feel more fulfilled and useful

Be a positive witness to Jesus

Serve your people better


Do you need further preparation or training?

  • This may be necessary for ministry purposes
  • Or a visa, if you plan to work in another country


Do you plan to work in another country?

  • You will need a visa
  • In most Muslim countries it is not possible to get a ‘missionary’ visa
  • But you usually can get a visa as a student, skilled worker, or professional. For example…

Student of language or anthropology

International business or finance


Community development or medical work

Teaching in schools, colleges, universities

Teaching English as a foreign language


Human resources, personal development


Information Technology



Can you do Business as Mission (BaM)?

  • BaM combines both business goals and mission goals
  • It can be a great way to…

Model biblical principles and business ethics

Provide discipling in real-life situations

Create dignified jobs for the poor and marginalised

Provide necessary services and products

Model good environmental stewardship

Transfer skills and training


Speak to someone in ReachAcross about what you can do in mission or if you need further training and preparation

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What preparation do I need?

Different mission work needs different preparation


For all mission work the following are important:

  • A good understanding of the Bible
  • Living by the Bible’s teaching
  • A 'heart' for telling people about Jesus, maybe a particular people group
  • Training in evangelism and discipleship
  • A well-balanced life: physical, emotional, and spiritual
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Understanding yourself, particularly...

Your strengths and weaknesses, your emotional well-being

Your preferred way of working, learning, relaxing

How your personality will impact others


If you plan to do cross-cultural mission work, you will need additional training in:

  • Cultural dynamics
  • Understanding the religion of the people you will work with
  • Language learning
  • Working in multi-cultural teams


Also, prepare by:

  • Doing a short term of service 
  • Making exploratory trips to learn about…

Work and ministry opportunities

Visa requirements

Further training and/or experience needed


  • Developing a support team to…

Pray for you

Support you financially

Provide practical, emotional, and spiritual help as you need it


Speak to someone about mission preparation 


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