How do I follow God's call into short term or long term overseas Christian work?

Pray, asking 'the Lord of the harvest' (Matt. 9:37-38) and seek His will. Part of that seeking is also getting information about opportunities available, and talking to others about your desire and passion. 


What kind of preparation do I need for short term or long term work among Muslims?

You need to know something about Islam, and you need to know your Bible well, and above all, you need to know the God of the Bible! Preparation is dependent on a lot of factors. We at ReachAcross are pretty flexible, and want to help you find the way that is best for you.


Do I need to go to a Bible school or Bible college?

Bible training is a great help, even if your church has given you a lot of good teaching. Workers are needed who know the Bible and apply it in their lives.  Even so, applicants for short term service are not required to have had Bible College training, and applicants for long term service may take such formalised training during their initial years of service with us.


How do I apply to join ReachAcross?

First, contact us and we'll have you fill out a preliminary application form. We will contact the church and/or fellowship you associate with. We will also ask you to submit references. Then we will ask you to complete a more detailed application form. Of special interest to us will be: 1) your desire to work among Muslims, 2) your relationship to your local church, 3) your ability to work with others, and 4) your background and training. Often it is useful to have a professional skill or trade (e.g. medics, teachers, engineers, sports etc.). This may be required to work in certain countries. However, there are other opportunities for service which do not require such training (see below).


I'm not professionally trained or skilled. Is there any opportunity for me?

There are short and long term service opportunities that do not require professional competency.  Please contact us and we will guide you so that you can also fill a vital role, or even join one of our training programmes!


Raising financial support 'scares' me. Any thoughts on that?

You are not alone! Probably every worker has had similar thoughts. You will be surprised at how many people will be supportive of what you seek to do. There are good resources that can help you get started. Please contact us. Don't let 'fear' put you off. God is able to speak into people's hearts to support you.


Isn't it dangerous working among some Muslim people groups?

It can be dangerous to work in certain locations during particular times; however, there usually are safe areas of work among all Muslim people groups. Obviously, 100% safety cannot be guaranteed anywhere in the world.