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ReachAcross does not supply books.  However, you may find the following of interest and these can normally be obtained from Kitab Books, your local Christian bookshop, or via internet retail websites.




Out of the Crescent Shadow, by CANER, Emir & CANER, Ergun

A practical guide for Christian women, who desire to understand Muslim women, their culture and faith, and to share God's love with them.




Salem Alekum, by ILIFF, Frances
Looking at friendship with British Muslims, cultural and social ideas and how Christians can reach out.




A Christian's Evangelistic Pocket Guide to Islam, by STEER, Malcolm
Malcolm draws on his experience of witnessing to Muslims, and shows how to witness effectively. This is the reprint of the FFM Publication "A Pocket Guide to Christian Witness to Muslims"




Understanding the Sects of Islam, by FFM
Islam is often seen in the West as one unified faith when in fact it contains many groups and sects. This explanatory booklet gives greater awareness and understanding of the divisions in the Muslim World.





The Unseen Face of Islam, by MUSK, Bill
To share the gospel with ordinary Muslims at street level it is necessary to understand what they believe. In this readable volume the layers are stripped away and the mysterious, colourful world of jinn, the evil eye, saints and festivals unfamiliar to most Westerners are made clear. The biblical position for each subject is covered, leaving the reader better equipped to serve the Muslim community in their daily lives.




Friendship First: The Manual, by BELL, Steve

A lively, jargon-free, non-technical, user-friendly tool which gets the reader to 'first base' of friendship with a Muslim person. Revised and up-dated this A4 size manual brings you the latest in cross-cultural evangelism.




Into the Light, by MASOOD, Steven
How a young and devout Muslim in Pakistan finds faith in Christ. It offers a fascinating insight into the Muslim religion and will provide useful and practical help for Christians who have Muslim friends or neighbours.





Cross & Crescent, by CHAPMAN, Colin
Study of Islam and Christian witness to Muslims - excellent introduction to the subject with questions for group study.




Unshackled and Growing: Muslims & Christians on the Journey to Freedom, by JABBOUR, Nabeel.
Do you know Muslims who are not attracted to Christianity yet are intrigued by Christ? As you attempt to win these Muslim friends to Christ, you may be tempted to dump the entire Gospel message on them in the wrong way at the wrong time. Muslims can easily sniff out an agenda, but truthful, culturally-sensitive answers and a genuine friendship can change their lives. Unshackled & Growing, a new book by Nabeel Jabbour, can bring focus and new opportunities to your loving relationships with Muslims. The book contains three parts:
Part I is for Muslims who are interested in knowing more about Jesus. It will answer many of their questions, while presenting truth and grace in a way that is sensitive to their backgrounds.
Part II contains the absolute essentials for a new believer to grow in Christ. It is ideal for discipling a Muslim-background believer individually or in a small group.
Part III is a manual for building godly habits in an atmosphere of grace, including Scripture memory, prayer, developing their testimony, and having a quiet time.




The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross, JABBOUR, Nabeel.
The eternal welfare of 1.4 billion people is at stake. How we deal with this window of opportunity will determine our relations with Muslims for generations to come. At the same time, the Christian church must realise Jesus died for Muslims. In this book, Dr. Jabbour aims to help Western Christians go beyond mere tolerance to a passion for Muslims. He explains how that can be done in ways that are sensitive to Islamic culture, and he presents suggestions on how to build vital relationships with Muslims.




A Christian's Response to Islam,  by MILLER, W.
Provides a basic understanding of Islam, and how it differs from Christianity. Insightful advice on witnessing to Muslims.




From Seed to Fruit, by WOODBERRY, J. Dudley (Ed)
From Seed to Fruit presents the most recent worldwide research on witness to Christ among Muslim peoples, using biblical images from nature to show the interaction between God's activity and human responsibility in blessing these peoples.




Grace for Muslims, by BELL Steve
Is it possible for Christians to relate to Muslims without being politically naive or theologically liberal? Steve Bell believes that it is. He shares his own quest to understand and develop a response and reflects upon how he arrived at the crucial ingredient - grace.




Your Muslim Guest, by MILLER, W.E.
Christian/Muslim relationships - how to make friends with Muslim neighbours, understand cultural and religious differences, and reach out to them.




The Messenger, The Message & The Community, by MULLER, Roland
Muller looks at three issues facing the cross cultural church planter: being accepted as a 'messenger' with something of value to say; the message of the gospel that we share; and the inception and growth of a community of believers.




Breakthrough, by DOYLE, Tom
Tells the stories of a new generation of believers in the Middle East providing hope to the western Christians who are discouraged by all the negative press that region seems to receive.




The Holy Gospel, by ABS
This tool is designed for outreach to Muslims. The overall design is intended to appeal to Muslim and the introductions, study notes and glossary were prepared to address Muslims who are totally unfamiliar with Christian theological concepts.




Sharing the Salt, by GLASER, Ida
Cross cultural friendships - for Christians reaching out to Asian friends and neighbours in local community.




Women in Islam, by STACEY, V.

A study of "Women in Islam" from a Christian perspective based on the author's experiences in Pakistan.




Mirpuri Stories, by JUDY
These series of short stories reflect a different view of everyday life in the Mirpuri community in the UK.  The reader will be challenged to incorporate the same opportunities for sharing the truth of Jesus into these everyday events.




Meeting Muslims, by STACEY, Vivienne
In this concise book, Vivienne Stacey gives practical steps on how to interact positively with Muslims, taking into careful consideration their culture, language, practices and sensitivities. This is a valuable help in building better relations with our Muslim neighbours, helping them better see and understand Christianity and Christians. A revised edition of "Practical Lessons of Evangelism among Muslims"




A Muslim's Pocket Guide to Christianity, by STEER, Malcolm
For any Muslim seeking to discover more about Christianity this is the ideal book, enabling the reader to separate truth from myth and make an informed opinion. The book is written with a good in-depth knowledge of Muslims and Islamic culture.




Ishmael my Brother, by COOPER, A & MAXWELL, E.
This book addresses one of the key questions facing Christians all over the world: how can I love my Muslim neighbour? It offers a full presentation of Islamic beliefs and practices and an analysis of the Islamic world today.




I Dared to call Him Father, by SHEIKH, Bilquis
Updated edition with new material. The book tells of the journey of discovery which began when a Muslim woman turned from the Qur'an and started reading the Bible. It is an enthralling story of faith and courage in the face of danger and difficulty.




The Fifth Pillar, by ZEIDAN, David
The story of this Arab man’s journey from an upper-class, traditional Muslim background to faith in Christ, exile and life in the West contains excellent background information on everyday life in the Middle East.




My Big Father, by FARNHAM, Bruce
With much grace and humility, Kenan used the vulnerability forced on him by his progressing illness as a tool for God to use in reaching out to those around him. His short life was characterised by a great compassion for his Muslim neighbours, a genuine concern for the struggling Turkish Church and a contagious love for God.




A Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam, by SOOKHDEO, Patrick
A simple description of the origins of Islam, what Muslims believe and how it affects their attitudes, worldview, everyday life and culture. Practical guidelines are given for relating to Muslims in a culturally appropriate way.